Technical elements, such as asset management, geology and resource modeling, project engineering and metallurgical process planning, are evaluated in order to determine the mining and process requirements of a prospective site – all of which is done with full consideration of the international, national, regional and local laws and regulations, as well as Newmont Goldcorp’s own standards and voluntary commitments. A full review of business elements such as human resources, insurance, legal, security, and health and safety is also included in the work activity required to evaluate a project’s feasibility.

Typical project development can take up to 10 years from when the exploration group discovers the gold deposit, with the time expanding depending on economic conditions, legal requirements, technical difficulty and other factors.

Sustainability and Stakeholder Engagement

While we are busy designing the mine, we must simultaneously partner with local stakeholders to design a sustainable path forward that takes into account a vision for the mine site after mining operations close. This means listening to their input and prioritizing development objectives together – while managing our current impacts at the same time.

Newmont Goldcorp engages during this phase in various ways, which can include public consultation activities driven by the social and environmental impact analysis process (social and environmental impact assessments). The decision to progress to mine construction does not sit solely with Newmont Goldcorp; the decision involves the local communities and government. Without their consent, the project cannot proceed. We value the feedback that stakeholders provide, and seek to design our projects in ways that create long-term mutual value.